Event transportation service for St. Pete Florida:

When it comes to finding a Limo Bus in St.Pete that can host your special events, we are truly the ones you should talk to. You see, we are the transportation experts for all of your special occasions in the St. Pete area. Regardless of if it's a corporate function, company dinner, cultural event, or truly anything else, we always want you to enjoy your even to the maximum, and our limousines and limo buses are the perfect choice for your big day!

Bachelor party: A bachelor party is always a great time to celebrate friendship, and have fun on your last night of bachelorhood. It's a time, when the boys can and do get rowdy, and when fun and excitement are bound happen. We invite you to get in touch with us, so you can be sure to go out and be safe with us behind the wheel. You'll find our services quite affordable when everyone chips in, and the ability to have everyone in the same vehicle, and not have any unfortunate designated drivers, is peace of mind beyond measure.

Bachelorette Party: When it comes to a bachelorette party, it's time to get the girls together and have the time of your lives. You'll find that our limousine buses are the perfect choice for getting everyone into the same vehicle in ultimate luxurious comfort. Since this is your last night out as a single lady, why take the chance for a DUI, and why separate your fun group into multiple vehicles which not only reduces the fun of getting there, it increases the headache of parking and traffic. You'll find that a St. Pete limo or limousine bus is the perfect choice for your big celebration!

Wedding: The big day is finally here. You've got everything you need, and now all you want to do is celebrate. Be sure to celebrate in a big way, with one of our limo buses or super stretched limousines. You'll be guaranteed a that there's one less thing to worry about on this momentous occasion. Which, in the end, we don't have to tell you just how priceless the peace of mind that you'll get will be worth. There's so much to plan for in a wedding, getting there in style shouldn't be one of them.

A Night on the town: When it comes to having a night on the town, it's all about partying, and being safe. It's also about making sure that you get and have the best transportation service for your hard earned dollar. With Limo St. Pete you can be certain that you'll have an unforgettable experience the moment your party is on board and on the way to your destination. When you want to ride in style, be sure to get in touch with us. You can enjoy your night on the town like never before, when you ride in style, and have more fun than should be legal!

Birthday Party: Say Happy Birthday in the best possible way! Say it with a big bunch of smiles and endless amounts of joy and happiness. Say it with extravagance by choosing to ride in one of our amazing limousine buses or stretched limos.