Have a question for Limo Tampa? Take a look here!

When it comes to questions, Limo Tampa is always happy to answer them. However, there are a staple of common questions that we encounter on nearly a daily basis. So, for your convenience (not because we don't want to hear from you), we've included a batch of our most commonly encountered questions. In light of this, we've included below, a list of some of our frequently asked questions!! Be sure to contact us asap, should you have any other questions. The Limo Tampa representatives will be more than happy to assist!

Is alcohol provided for our trip by your company? Sorry but no. Unfortunately we cannot provide the alcohol for your trip. The state of Florida does not permit limo carriers to hold liquor licenses. However, we have large coolers filled with ice, where you can store alcohol and keep it freezing cold... regardless of the outside temperature.

So we can bring and drink our own alcohol? Absolutely! As we alluded to in the previous question, you're more than welcome to bring your own adult beverages on board. Anyone who is of legal ability to consume alcohol is quite welcome to drink and enjoy whatever they've brought.

Is smoking allowed on the limo bus itself? The answer is no. We cannot for a variety of reasons allow smoking on our Tampa limo buses. However, you are allowed to ask your driver to pull over and stop as many times as you need to for smoke breaks.

What is required to make a reservation with you? In order to make a reservation with Limo Tampa, you are required to first of all be prepared for a good-faith non-refundable deposit. This locks in your chosen vehicle for the date and time of your event. You'll also need to know the date you're going to need to reserve the vehicle, as well as the time and city of pickup. Once all of these details are in the capable hands of our reservation specialists, they'll be able to lock in your event for the prescribed time and date.

Can you work around my schedule and availability? Yes. We are proud to help and we can and will work around your schedule and availability.