For the best in Limo services, trust the best source: Limo Florida! was founded in order to provide the great denizens and visitors to the beautiful state of Florida with a concise and direct source for the greatest luxury transportation providers in each respective metropolitan area. In this site you'll find great companies offering Florida's finest limousines, limo buses, and corporate luxury sedan services.

What makes a great limousine or limo bus company? That, is a great question! You might think that the wonderful vehicles for you to choose from make a great company. While yes, this is true... We think you'll find that there are a good amount of companies out there that do offer spectacular vehicles for you to be chauffeured in, yet they won't offer you the finest in client services. In the end, it won't matter how awesome the vehicle is if you're mistreated in some manner, or if your ride shows up late, or if you're decked with surprise fees out of nowhere. Within the pages of this Limo Florida website, you'll find honest and direct companies who are all willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that you're not only happy with the vehicle, but that you're overjoyed with the service you've received as well. When enlisting the services of a Florida Limo company, you should expect nothing short of spectacular world-class services that will make you feel like royalty.

If you are a limousine or limo bus company in Florida, and you'd like to find out how to list your awesome limo business in our list here... be sure to send an email our way and we'll see if it's possible to get your company listed!

Why We Do What We Do

We’ve put in many hours researching the very best transportation companies that our state has to offer. Our journey began with our own efforts to find reliable service in our area and we were completely shocked to realize how difficult it was to find good information on our own. The internet is a place that’s loaded with information but sometimes that results in information overload! Sometimes it’s more difficult to find what you’re looking for because of all the ads and noise. That was the case during our search. We were so frustrated and ended up trying a couple of companies that really fell short. We knew we weren’t the only ones who had that experience and we thought we’d put together a site that would cater to others like ourselves. And here we are.

The list of companies that you’ll see here began with just a few that we tried for ourselves and loved. They became the bar that we use to compare all the others. We don’t include just any transportation companies on this site. They have to be truly high quality with the kind of service that most people don’t believe exists anymore in our fast-paced world. We’ve tried out each and every one of these at least once to make sure that they measure up to our strict standards. Just a few of the standards that we hold our businesses to:

Affordable pricing: Absolutely no price gouging, no hidden fees, no “flexible” rates that flex to the higher range when you aren’t paying attention! We love companies that are transparent with their pricing, that spell everything out in plain language that anyone can understand, and that deliver an experience that surpasses what you would expect for the affordable amount that you pay.

Like-new vehicles: The limos need to be as flawless as possible, in like-new condition, endlessly maintained and inspected before each and every trip. Clean, too! Smoke-free vehicles with no sticky spills… those are just basic requirements as far as we’re concerned. They should run smoothly and be updated with the latest features and equipment. Nothing but the best for you!

Outstanding chauffeurs: This is perhaps the key piece, the quality of the chauffeur who will be ushering you around town. These people should not just be drivers, they should be true professional chauffeurs, trained to the utmost and always ready to serve their customers with a smile. They should be provided with GPS systems so that they can find even your most obscure location requests. And of course, they should be friendly and welcoming! You should enjoy your time with them just as much as you do with your guests.

We’ve got a giant list of standards that we make sure our companies adhere to, but those are the primary three. We hope that you’ll find the ideal company to serve your needs while you’re here and we hope that our hard work pays off in an unforgettable trip for you!


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