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Experience is one of the best teachers you'll find in this lifetime. Since our inception, Limo Jacksonville has provided limousines and limo buses for a multitude of events. During our time, we've experienced and discovered all kinds of things. We've even picked up on the most common limousine and limo bus concerns. Limo Jacksonville is all about innovation and constant growth. So, in an effort to better serve you, we've added our most frequently asked questions to the site. You can always call us to address your issues. However we receive a high volume of calls we receive per day. So, to be of better service to you and lighten the load of our employees, you can find some of your answers here. Feel free to contact Limo Jacksonville if you're ready to reserve a limousine or limo bus. You can also contact our office if you can't find your question below.

1) What are your business hours? Limo Jacksonville is open all day everyday. Reach us at anytime 24/7, someone will be available to assist with your needs.

2) Can we travel out of the state of Florida? Limo Jacksonville's limousines and limo buses go a little bit of everywhere in Florida. However, our services do not extend beyond state lines.

3)Can you drink on your trip? Drinking is certainly allowed on our limousines and limo buses. That's why we make sure each vehicle is equipped with a bar. Since we cannot provide alcohol, you must bring your own. No one under 21 is allowed to drink at all.

4) Is smoking allowed on the bus? Smoking isn't allowed on our limousines or limo buses. Although, should the urge strike you, we can always pull over and let you catch a few puffs.

5) What happens if we go over our reservation time? Sometimes it's hard to place a time constraint on a good time. Should your reservation go over the expected time, you'll pay the same hourly rate for your additional time.