Do you have a Limo St.Pete service question? You'll find some common answers here!

While we proudly offer our services for a whole host of different events and special occasions, you may have questions regarding whether our services are appropriate for this event or that kind of occasion. You'll find that we do encounter a lot of questions pertaining to every area of our business. For a measure of convenience, we have on this page, included some of our most commonly asked questions and answers which may provide some ataraxia to your limousine or limo bus search.

Do you provide the alcohol for our night out? No we do not. As a limo carrier in Florida we are not permitted a liquor license. And we advise against going with a limo company that offers the proverbial "crystal flask" with beverage that has unknown origin.

Are we permitted to bring our own alcoholic beverages to drink? Absolutely! As long as everyone on board is of legal drinking age, we have no problem allowing the consumption of some adult beverages for the enjoyment of everyone while getting to or from your destination.

Is smoking permitted on the limo bus? No it is not. Although, it's important to note, that you can ask the driver to stop any time for a smoke break. There is no problem in doing this whenever it is safe to do so. The reason we do not allow our passengers to smoke in this day an age is primarily because we strive to keep our vehicles as new and fresh for all of our customers. Nobody really enjoys stale smoke smell, and nobody wants to see burn holes or marks on the seats or floors. For these and other reasons, smoking is prohibited in all of our vehicles. Thank you for understanding!

What is required in order to book my limo or limousine bus? Our booking process is simple and easy. Just let your reservation agent know the date of your event, the origination city, the number of passengers, and how long and what times you will need service. From there, you'll get assistance in picking the perfect vehicle for you, and all you'll need to do once that is all set, is to put down your deposit and your reservation is set in stone!

Can you work around my schedule and my needs and wants? Yes. We are happy to work with you when planning your night on the town.