Limo Fort Lauderdale FAQ

When selecting a limousine or limo bus, it's natural to have questions. You want to know what's expeceted as far as your ride. Additionally, you want to know company policies, pricing etc. After dealing with customers as long as we have, Limo Fort Lauderdale takes customer inquiries as common ground. To expediate how fast you're serviced, we have made a list of the questions we're asked the most. Check here before calling with an inquiry. More than likely you're question is already answered on this page. For those questions that you can't find on here, contact Limo Fort Lauderdale. We'll see to it that you get the answers that you're seeking.

1) Is drinking allowed on the limousine or limo bus? Yes we allow you to drink in our limousines and limo buses. That's why we put a bar in our fleet vehicles. This way you can have a cold drink while you ride.

2) Can you provide alcohol for the ride? No. In accordance with state regulations we are not allowed to supply liquor to our clients. If you plan to drink, you have to bring your own bottles.

3) Can we smoke on the bus? Smoking is not allowed on the bus. We like for everyone to experience something new when using our limousines and limo buses. In that regard we make sure that our limousines and limo buses are well maintained. Should you want to smoke, let the driver know. We can stop somewhere for you to have a quick smoke break.

4) What if we have the limousine or limo bus past our reservation? No worries. Limo Fort Lauderdale knows that sometimes fun goes into overtime. In those situations, we simply charge you the same hourly rate for the extra time you used us.

5) Do you close? Limo Fort Lauderdale never closes. Since some events go later than others, we are always open to help you. Whenever you're ready to contact us we'll be available.