About Limo Fort Lauderdale

Limo Fort Lauderdale presses beyond the status-quo to grant you unparalleled luxury and enjoyment. Everything we do is exceptional not just our limousines and limo buses. We like it when your experience is something to be bragged about. Therefore we put in the work to be the premier limousine and limo service in Fort Lauderdale. When selecting our employees, we only take extraordinary individuals. Let's be honest, no one wants to receive bad service. It can be rather off-putting. The treatment you receive is enough to deter you alone. Furthermore, what does it say about a company when they allow their employees to mistreat you? In that regard we heavily screen our employees before hiring. This is definitely true for our chauffeurs. Safety is no playing matter to Limo Fort Lauderdale. Everyone who drives our limousines and limo buses is screened regularly for drugs and alcohol. Also, we do not hire drivers without their CDL whatsoever. On top of all these things we do to maximize customer service and safety, we pack our vehicles full of party tools.

Tinted windows protect your privacy while you show out. Spectacular sound systems let you dj while riding to your event. There's even ports for your mobile devices (laptops, iphone, ipod android, etc). Mood lighting sets the right vibe for your limousine or limo bus. We even give you a media center with televisions and Blu Ray/DVD Players. Not to mention our epic ready to serve bar featuring cups and ice. You just have to provide the drinks for your limousine or limo bus. Don't forget about the stripper pole either. That's always a set up for a fun time on our limousines and limo buses. We're ready to help you reserve your limousine or limo bus whenever you are. Just reach out to Limo Fort Lauderdale and we'll get you set.

Limo Fort Lauderdale