Travel Miami Limo Pricing:

When you want to travel in style, get what you desire all at affordable and fair pricing system designed to provide relative market value on any given day of the year. When you get in touch with us, be sure to ask us about our pricing options. We want to make certain that you know that are prices are plain as day, and available for you to see. It's all about getting the best with genuine quality and transparency in pricing.

We want you to know that we do not have any type of hidden agenda, or any type of hidden fees. We also do not force gratuity for our drivers. Instead, we want to leave that up to you. We have setup our pricing structure against the grain of a vast majority of the companies in the industry. A lot of common threads we hear when asked about our pricing is... Are there hidden fees, is there a mandatory tip, is this our "out the door" pricing? To answer all, no, no, and YES! We don't believe it is good business to deck our limousine clients with surprise fees at the pickup location. It is unfair to you, and definitely ensures that you'll never want to do business with us ever again. As far as tipping goes; Limo Miami believes that a tip is just that. A mandatory tip becomes a fee the moment it is required. As our prices are out the door, the tip is entirely left up to you. Finally, as alluded to above... All of our pricing that you get quoted when you reserve your limousine or limo bus is the price you pay! Any potential additional fees that may be incurred due to damage or smoking, are clearly outlined in our contract.

Here is some information that will help us give you the best price possible:
 • The day of your event
 • The city origin of your trip
 • The number of people within your party
 • The amount of time needed for services
Be sure to have this information handy, so that we can better assist you today!!

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