Limo Clearwater Florida Pricing Policies:

Limo Clearwater is committed to bringing you not only the very finest experience, the most exquisite vehicles, we are also dedicated to bringing the best value around to your limousine experience! That, in itself, says quite a lot about our commitment to being the best. Many companies out there have spectacular vehicles to offer. Others may have really good staff in place. Very few companies can boast the well rounded combination of great vehicles, stellar pricing, and out of this world client services that you're going to find right here at Limo Clearwater!

A big part of the reason we're able to offer such great rates on our limousine services, is because our cost analysis team is constantly looking at ways to save us money. And, instead of keeping all that savings to ourselves, we do our very best to adjust our prices down to give our clients a better value. In our line of work, it's much more than a simple tag-line to us... Limo Clearwater is all about treating our customers right! This includes giving you the best price on any given day.

As you might have guessed, our pricing system doesn't allow for us to feasibly publish our prices online. In light of that, when you decide to give us a call for your personalized quote, the following information is needed to give you your out the door price:
 • The date you will require service.
 • The city or town we'll be picking you up in.
 • How many passengers (including you) that we'll need to accommodate.
 • When your trip will start, and how long you'll require services.
Given this information, our booking agents will be able to give you a personalized quote with guaranteed "out the door" rates!

Limo Clearwater