How we set our Limo Sarasota prices and rates:

When it comes to our pricing the bottom line is that we can and do offer the fairest and most transparent pricing policies in the industry. Our honest and integrity when dealing with our clientele is a source of great pride for each and every person in our organization. This pride carries through in everything we do. For the purposes of this page, however, you're interesting in finding out how we set our prices for our luxury limos and limousine buses in the greater Sarasota area...

To that end, you'll find that our straightforward and honest out the door pricing policy leaves you with no surprises on the day of your big event. If you've ever dealt with a transport company that didn't operate under this umbrella philosophy, you'll truly know just how important this is. There's nothing worse than being told that you have a mandatory fuel surcharge when your chauffeur arrives. Or that you have to provide the driver with a mandatory 20% gratuity, or they won't allow you to board. At this point you're stuck, and forced to scramble to cover the additional and unforeseen costs. Since we operate on a rate scale that fluctuates with outside factors, we aren't able to publish our prices here. So, all you need to do is pick up the phone or click on any of the email addresses throughout this website to get in touch with your Limo Sarasota client services representative. They'll be happy to assist you in figuring out just how much your dream limousine trip is going to cost.

Below is some information that is important and helpful when it comes to our pricing decisions. :
 • How many people are in your party
 • What is the destination of origin from which you'll be picked up
 • How long will you need to use our services for your trip
 • The literal date of your event
Given this information, our booking agents will be able to give you a personalized quote with guaranteed "out the door" rates!

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