Limo Orlando Pricing Policies and Philosophy:

If there is ever one thing that we guarantee, you'll find that this one thing definitively sets us above the rest. Just what is this one thing? Well, you see, it's our pricing. The difference might surprise you. We're not going to make promises of rock bottom pricing here. While we're definitely not the most expensive luxury transportation option out there. We would be remiss if we told you that you're not going to find a lower rate elsewhere. The difference lies in that we don't make our clients jump through hoops. We don't provide you with a low-ball quote to acquire your deposit and commitment and then sock you with added fees and miscellaneous "fine print" charges at the point of pick up. While it's a shameful principle, there are definitely companies out there who ascribe to this unscrupulous business practice. These companies give our great industry a proverbial "black eye", and it is within our means to not do this to our customers. So, quite simply, we don't!

Instead, what we can and do do, is make sure that you understand precisely how much you will be paying. You'll find that what we quote you, is precisely what you'll pay barring the unexpected. For Limo Orlando you'll see that we also consider gratuity to be something that is earned. It's not much of a "tip" if it's required. At that point it just becomes another fee. If our chauffeur is as wonderful as they should be, you're welcome to tip whatever you think is fair. So, you see, with us... it's all about meeting and exceeding your needs and expectations. We pride ourselves on making sure that you get what you expect, when you want it. Be sure to contact us today for amazing pricing options.

Some of the helpful information we will need from you is:
 • The number of passengers you plan on having
 • The city origin or pick up and travel
 • The amount of time you'll require for your night out
 • Any and all dates that you'll need
With this information we can provide you with the best possible rates there are!

Limo Orlando