Limo Boca Raton

Limo Boca Raton



You may have some questions about our service. You'll find the answers here!

On the off chance you don't find the answer to the question you have, simply get in touch with us and we will gladly let you know whatever information it is that you're seeking. Our representatives get asked many questions daily, and you'll find them to be knowledgeable and informative. On the very rare occasion that your questions has an answer that is unknown to us, we will certainly find an answer as quick as possible.

Is consuming alcoholic drinks allowed in your vehicles? As long as everyone drinking will be of legal drinking age, we invite you to drink freely in our limousines and limo buses! Our DOT registration allows for this.

Can we smoke in the limos and limo buses? We do not allow smoking in any of our limousines or limo buses at any time. We do allow for multiple stops whenever it is safe, so simply let your chauffeur know and we'll pull over for a comfort break.

I've figured out the vehicle I want to reserve, what is required in order to facilitate a reservation? To reserve your luxury vehicle, all you need to do is give us the date, time, and city of your run. Let us know which vehicle you'd like to rent, and put a good faith deposit down on the vehicle of your choice. It will then be reserved for you and you alone for that time-frame.

Where can we go when in your vehicle? You're more than welcome to have us take you anywhere you would like to go. Our trips are generally not limited by mileage, just the time you book it for would be the only normal limitation.

Do we have to clean the limousine or limo bus after we're done? Any excessive trash and such should be picked up if possible. We like to have the vehicles returned to us in a condition that is as close to how it was received as possible.